A Bit About Us

WEPLAY has always been committed to preserving and promoting the development, as well as the operations, of cultural originality.

In every cultural or ethnic group, the most exemplary originality is derived from the deeply embedded roots of one’s own culture. Such originality requires protection and promotion. Through diversified communication and engagement channels, we can achieve mutual influence and grow together.

Take China as an example: It has the most diverse intangible cultural heritage in the world. These cultural treasures originated from China’s rich history, and they continue to reflect China’s originality that has been passed down from generation to generation. In today’s globalization and internet era, our mission is to protect and explore these cultural legacies. By bringing new vitality to traditional culture and artistic expressions, we can help them better adapt to the everchanging development of the new era, and further inspire the ingenuity of the current generation.



For the past five years, the Board of Directors have dedicated their time to help promote culture awareness in China and the United States. Their efforts include:

  • Chinese Culture TV Documentary/Video Productions (Chinese Opera / Chinese New Year series)

  • Cross-Cultural Event Organization: Chinese New Year Celebration in Las Vegas – the largest Chinese New Year celebration in the U.S.

  • Chinese Culture Digitalized Products (e.g., Mobile Apps/Html5/Games)

  • Chinese Cultural Exchange Seminars and Lectures – primarily focused on the development and promotion of Chinese traditional culture and arts, as well as culture and tourism



By establishing the WEPLAY Multicultural Foundation Inc., we are determined to further develop and strengthen our international partnerships. Specifically, by employing the following strategies to promote collaboration in the cultural creativity field between China and the United States of America:

1. Create products that can further emphasize international cultural diversity, such as stage performances, video, audio, and animation programs, and etc.
2. Educate and train more industry related individuals by facilitating short-term lectures, workshops, industry-specific tours, internships, and etc.
3. Establish a local office in the United States to open doors for more cultural-related collaboration opportunities between China and the United States.



The future of our organization will depend heavily on the support of our community, which is why it will be important to show them our progress and appreciation through continued commitment to excellence. Our plans for the future will target the following areas:

1. To further mature the multicultural training program by providing financial assistance, training support, and employment opportunities to potential industry-related workers;
2. To discover and train talents who are gifted in integrating traditional culture with contemporary artistic expressions, and provide them with a platform to further explore and polish their skills;
3. To increase the number of communication and community outreach programs between multicultural groups. Using the United States as a stage to absorb and stimulate creativity from individuals and organizations with multicultural backgrounds, help them develop high-quality cultural-related products, create new opportunities that will aid the development of the cultural and creative industry, and generate a new wave of economic growth.